Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, is the eighth-oldest college in the United States, and one of only nine “Colonial Colleges” to be founded before the American Revolution.


Rutgers has three campuses located throughout the state of New Jersey, the largest of which stretches across the city of New Brunswick and the surrounding towns.


In 1869, Rutgers University famously hosted the first intercollegiate football game ever played.


At the heart of the New Brunswick Campus is the historic College Avenue Campus; a sprawling landscape peppered with nineteenth and twentieth century buildings.


The Initiative encompassed two locations for three new structures:

  • Rutgers Honors College
  • Rutgers Academic Building
  • The Sojourner Truth Apartments

The non-profit real estate developer that created and managed the College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative.

The team

The Green Engineer

The sustainable design consulting firm that provided energy efficiency and green building design consulting.


The prestigious architecture firm that designed all of the buildings in the College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative.


The interdisciplinary green building services company that managed the LEED certification process and oversaw sustainable construction efforts.


The State University of New Jersey is the home of the College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative.